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Welcome to my little corner, a space I'm creating to share some of my own loves and experiences as a lover of movement, mama to 3 littles, wife, and seeker of (un)balance. 

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A Little About Me

  • I love to MOVE! I dabbled in different activities during my youth, but dance and running stuck.

  • I started teaching movement my freshman year of college. I was at the campus wellness center almost daily, loved to workout in classes and on my own. I figured, why not learn something new and get paid for it! I've taught ever since.

  • I like food. A lot. I truly enjoy experiencing new cuisines, new food trends, trying out new recipes and trying to re-create ones I've eaten and enjoyed. 

  • I've been a runner since age 13 and believe that I can still do it because I don't over do it! 

  • I have 3 small children who are used to always seeing me sweaty!

  • I met my husband playing flag football. He says my hands need work; I think I'm a phenomenal receiver!

  • I never intended to be an entrepreneur when in grad school...but I'm SO happy I made the choice!

  • I've owned a Pilates studio (my 1st baby!) since late 2012 in Miami, FL: conscious movement pilates

  • I love helping women find their fitness groove and learn to love their bodies.


I'm always looking for new and creative opportunities. Let's connect!

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