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Mommin': Food Prep for My Sanity

There are a few things about early toddler-hood that no one every told me about....

Some toddlers take short naps. Or don't EVER.

Toddlers have energy like nothing I have ever seen...and they pace themselves like they are running a marathon, and then insert sprint intervals!

Some toddlers (um, mine!) eat like they are linebackers prepping for two-a-days at football camp.

With all of these fabulous facts in mind, and knowing that I want to encourage a healthy, balanced diet, I have to plan ahead! On the wind sprint days, where he chooses not to sleep or I'm working more, or it's just "one of those days," I need some food on hand so that we don't resort to unhealthy choices, or at least have half of the meal complete for the evening.

So each week, I typically do the following (usually on Sunday or Monday) to give myself a fighting chance to get through the week:

- Prep 1 breakfast item: I love breakfast and have been diligent about getting the kid to eat well in the mornings, too. Typically, I either do a Crockpot Steel Cut Oatmeal and have recently tried a baked oatmeal (steel cut oats, berries, almond milk, a little honey, pecans), shown below. Easy, cooks overnight in the crockpot and on hand for a few mornings. **I'll share this recipe soon!**

Before The Oven

Ingredients (and my little helper/critic)

- Choose 2 or 3 veggies to roast: These are perfect for toddlers and I often make enough for the hubby and I to have for a meal or 2 as well. Sweet potatoes, carrots, beets and brussel sprouts are a few favorites that are in the regular rotation. Line a baking sheet, peel/chop the veggies. sprinkle with olive oil, salt, pepper....roast and done! Steaming a variety of veggies is another option.

- Cook 1 single pot meal: This is typically a soup, chili or more hearty pot meal that can serve for a dinner + a few lunches. This is either a healthier curry, veggie soup or chili. Full of veggies and stores well.

Chickpea+Cauliflower Curry

I feel as though my week functions better when it starts with a little prep. I do all of these at the same time so that the kitchen is only a mess once that day!

It doesn't mean all the meals are complete, but there are a few benefits:

- There are options in the fridge for sides of other meals

- There are food options for the kid to take with us when we eat out and he needs to eat first!

- There are healthy options for the babysitter in case he gets hungry

- It helps with road trips or other options to have food on hand!

- Helps on those days that I'm feeling less inspired to get in the kitchen.

Are you prepping any items for your kids and/or family each week? Would love to share ideas!


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